Self-serve products

Sell products without an appointment

Sell online to dedicate your time to more important matters

Hero practices can sell products online without the need for an appointment. This commonly include items such as tests, reports, and equipment.


Diversifies revenue streams

by introducing new products for patient to purchase

Drives profits

by introducing revenues with a low time cost

Saves time

by reducing unnecessary appointments


Can I create links to self-serve products?

Yes. Practices can create both booking and payment links to their self-serve products.

Why would I want to sell products on my website?

Selling products is a way that medical practices can create a constant source of income that does not consume practitioner time.

What products can I sell on my website?

Anything. Common items include COVID test kits, exercise equipment, and health reports. Practices are expected to behave with integrity in selling their products. Hero is not liable for any misconduct.

Other Features

Use Hero's features to reach new patients, fill last-minute openings and strengthen your practice's reputation.

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