Intake forms

Collect vital information efficiently ahead of appointments

Saving practitioners time and money

Hero admins can add forms to their appointment types to collect important information from their patients in a time- and cost-efficient manner at the time of booking. These forms can be customised to gather any necessary information


Saves practitioner time

by collecting information ahead of time

Streamlines administration

by instituting patient-led information collection

Fully customisable

to collect specific and necessary information


How much money and time can I save by using intake forms?

Significant admin time is saved by filling out forms ahead of time. Hero’s intake forms shift the burden of administration from the practitioner to the patient. We estimate that 5 minutes of time is saved per patient by collecting information in the booking process. In a practice dealing with 3,000 appointments a month, that’s 250 hours (or £12,500) of practitioner time saved in the same time. Shortening waiting times at practices is more important than ever, not only promoting punctuality and efficiency, but importantly minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

What kind of information can I collect on an intake form?

You can collect any data that you deem necessary and appropriate for use by your practitioners. This data collection is at the discretion of the practice, and as such, Hero is not liable.

How is information from intake forms stored?

Sensitive information is TLS1.2 encrypted, in line with industry standard regulations.

How is information from intake forms communicated to me?

It is added directly to the practitioner’s appointment show page. Practitioners can also upload it to their EHR system with the click of a button using the Hero widget.

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