Payment links

Hero produces links that take patients directly to the payment screen for unpaid invoices

An effective way to chase an invoice

Hero provides practices with the tools to create customisable payment links directly from the invoices screen. These can be sent to patients and take them directly to a payment screen for specific invoices.


Reduces payment error

by directing patients to specific payment pages

Streamlines administration

by enabling the quick transmission of payment guidance

Reduces bad debt

by urging patient payment in an efficient manner


How are payment links sent to patients?

Via SMS, email, and the Hero dashboard. These communications can be managed easily through Hero’s Twilio and SendGrid integrations.

If a payment has been made through a payment link, is the link disabled thereafter?

It is possible for the patient to reuse the link to return to the payment screen, but it is impossible for the patient to accidentally pay twice for the same appointment.

Can multiple unpaid invoices be collated in the same payment link?

Not yet, but this is in our development plans.

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