Take payments through Hero’s partner payment providers

Payments with ease

Hero is agile in its payment services. Payment can be taken when booking online, in an appointment, or afterwards. These payments are facilitated by our online booking flows, payment links, and automatic payment reminders. Hero’s payments are provided through Stripe (both online and by card terminal), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and GoCardless. Direct debit and cash are also permissible.


Incentivises appointment attendance

by making patients pay ahead of time.

Reduces payment error

by taking human error out of the booking flow.

Eliminate bad debt at its source

by taking payment at the point of booking.


What are Hero’s payment fees?

Hero’s payment fees are 0.75% + 20p per transaction.

Which payment providers do Hero use?

Stripe, GoCardless, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

How do I receive payment?

Stripe payments will be passed through to your business bank account in 3-5 working days. GoCardless payments may take longer.

Can I take payment by card machine with Hero?

Yes. Practices can order a Stripe card reader that will sync with the Hero app through our support team.

Can I set up Direct Debit payments?

Yes. Practices can set up Direct Debit via GoCardless under settings, practice group settings.

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