Patient portal

Manage your Hero account from your dashboard

Providing patients with a simple solution for their healthcare

Hero provides a patient portal to help users easily navigate their account, bookings, and payments. With upcoming appointments displayed on your dashboard, and a simple ‘Book appointments’ button on the left side of screen, handling your healthcare has never been easier.


Reduces booking time

by integrating booking into a wider dashboard

Centralises organisation

by displaying appointments, invoices, and details in one location

Reduces bad debt

by clearly reminding patients to pay


Can practitioners access their patients’ portals?

Yes, but they can only see invoices, memberships, and other information related to them. All other information, including patients’ appointments at other practices or with other practitioners, is confidential.

Can patients cancel or reschedule appointments?

Yes, via the patient portal. If this is done within the cancellation period, they will still be charged.

Why do patients need a portal?

Hero aims to make managing healthcare easier. Providing patients a comprehensive portal through which they can access their invoices, appointments, and membership information, create relationships, and edit their personal details achieves this goal. It also reduces practice administration.

Other Features

Use Hero's features to reach new patients, fill last-minute openings and strengthen your practice's reputation.

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