Patient dashboard

All the information you need about your patient, in one place

Manage your patients individually

Hero’s patient dashboard provides healthcare administrators with a way to view and manage individual patient information, such as invoices, appointments, and memberships.


Reduces unpaid invoices

by making them visible to the patient

Reduces missed appointments

by making patients' appointments visible

Centralise organisation

by displaying all of a patient's information in one place


Can I create notes on patient preferences?

Yes. These notes can be added to the patient dashboard, and will be visible to practitioners when processing payments.

Can I archive patients?

Yes. Inactive patients can be archived and unarchived at will.

What can be viewed on the patient dashboard?

Appointments, invoices, memberships, details, payment preferences/methods - as an admin, you will only be able to see the patient’s records that are related to your practice.

Other Features

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