Introduce membership schemes offering benefits to your regular patients

Reward your patients and drive your revenues

Hero offers practices the chance to reward regular patients and drive an increase in revenues by creating membership schemes. Memberships are simple to create, easy to manage, and wholly customisable.

Hero has transformed the way we practise at Mayfield Clinic. Customers book their appointments online, and we take payment before every appointment.

Marcus Gleave

Mayfield Clinic

What are the benefits of membership?

Diversify your revenue streams

by introducing monthly or annual recurring fees for memberships.

Reward regular patients

by offering a range of perks to enhance their practice experience.

Grow your revenues

by taking more bookings for members-only appointments.


How to create a practice membership in Hero?

Practice memberships are a great way to offer a premium experience to your loyal patients and drive additional practice income. Creating a membership scheme on Hero is easy, follow the link below for a step-by-step guide of how to do it:

Creating a membership scheme

Are membership fees collected automatically?

Yes, we have a direct debit partnership with GoCardless. Membership renewals can be collected monthly or annually. To set up a membership, follow the link below.

Creating a membership scheme

How do patients purchase a practice membership?

Patients can purchase a practice membership via a button on your website. Payments can be processed online via Stripe (Credit or Debit Card), Apple or Google Pay or GoCardless (Direct Debit).

Case study: Mayfield Clinic

In August 2019, Mayfield Clinic set up a practice membership to offer a tiered service to its regular patients. The membership included reduced members-only consultation fees, free nurse appointments, all-hours access to a GP, access to their admin team, an annual health check, and a free flu jab.

"Mayfield membership has allowed us to focus on the patients that matter. Only our members have direct access to our admin team, meaning they receive a premium service." Dr Amanda Northridge

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Why we believe in patient-led actions

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Why we believe in patient-led actions

Improving patient experience will lead to a more successful practice

We know that practice's who offer a fantastic patient experience retain their customers and are more successful.

Improving patient experience will lead to a more successful practice

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