Insurance collection

Use Hero’s integrated systems to submit insurance invoices

Insurance submission made easy

Hero streamlines the insurance submission process by storing insurance details against insurers, practitioners, and appointments. Integrated with Healthcode, practitioners’ submissions are tracked by Hero, which will send notifications of payment.


Streamlines insurance submission

through Hero's Healthcode integraton

Reduces human error

by automating form submission

Automates form completion

by using patient data in the Hero system


Does Hero work directly with private medical insurance companies?

No. Hero is integrated with Healthcode, which handles the invoices for insurance companies such as AXA and Vitality.

Why should I change my prices for appointments covered by different insurers?

Different insurers pay out different amounts for the same kinds of appointments. Practitioners may wish to offset these differences by changing their appointment prices for specific insurers.

How will I be notified when an insurance payment has been made?

You will not be notified by Hero when payment is made. However, you will be notified when submission has been approved so you know to expect payment into your account.

Will Hero deal with Healthcode for me?

Hero Collection, a planned feature, will do this. At the moment, Hero will not do this for you.

Does Hero offer anything unique to help with insurance collection?

Hero’s insurance submission process requires less manual inputted information than other software, making it quicker and eliminating human errors. We are aiming to make this process easier by de-codifying industry standard and diagnosis codes, allowing practitioners to input information quicker without reference to regulatory codes.

Does Hero have any checks against incorrect insurance submissions?

Yes. Hero has an automated system that will notify you before your submission is made if there is an error in your form.

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