Patient communications

Automate patient communication, manually send invoice reminders, and manage your invoice collection through Hero.

Improve your patient communication

Hero provides healthcare businesses with a suite of communication tools to automate patient notifications. All appointment confirmations, new invoices and receipts are automatically generated and sent to the patient. Administrators can trigger manual payment reminders for patients or set automatic invoice chasing patterns via Email and SMS.


Prevents missed appointments

by sending patient reminders.

Automates communications

both via email and SMS.

Reduces bad debt

by automatically sending payment reminders.


Can appointment reminders be customised? Can I send multiple reminders to specific patients?

You can add text to your automated appointment reminders through the ‘Need to know’ section of your appointment setup page.

Why should I automate my patient communications?

Automating patient communications saves a significant amount of administrative time. In a practice processing 3,000 appointments a month, it is estimated that 91 hours of admin time is saved over the same period.

How are cancellation policies communicated in Hero?

Cancellation policies are customisable in the settings section of the administrative sidebar. These policies can be displayed as ‘Before you book’, or ‘Need to know’ information, customisable within the booking flow. Using the patient portal, patients can reschedule their appointments at any time. In accordance with your practice’s cancellation policies, if this action is taken within the cancellation period, patients will not be refunded, and will be notified.

Other Features

Use Hero's features to reach new patients, fill last-minute openings and strengthen your practice's reputation.

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