Financial reporting

Produce customisable financial reports automatically through Hero

Compliant accounting with ease

Hero’s financial reporting features allow practices to easily generate reports for specific invoices and payments, filtering by patient, or by date. These services are fully integrated with Xero accounting.


Simplifies financial reporting

through Hero's Xero integration

Provides insight about your practice

by producing filterable reports


Why does Hero directly integrate with Xero and not other providers?

Hero is integrated with other accounting system providers via Zapier, but our choice integration is Xero as it possesses a richer array of features.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software provider for which Hero has developed a native integration.

What if I have a separate accounting software?

Using Hero’s Zapier integration, you are able to create automated tasks in Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage when actions are performed in Hero, saving you time having to account for things twice. If you do not use Zapier, the CSV you download when you export a financial report from Hero is compatible with Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage.

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