Create availability, book appointments and manage your clinical schedule

Improve practice administration with Hero’s interactive diary

Hero provides healthcare businesses with a suite of diary features designed to automate practice administration. Manage your clinicians’ schedule, book appointments or give patients the freedom to book online.


Prevents missed appointments

by syncing your Hero diary to your calendar.

Centralises organisation

by allowing admins to manage practitioner diaries.

Streamlines administration

by automatically syncing appointments to the diary.


Can patients book directly into my diary?

Yes. Create online availability in your diary and patients will be able to book into it directly.

Why should I have offline availability?

Some practitioners use offline availability to show when they will set aside time to do administrative work, rather than taking appointments.

Will I be reminded of an appointment if I am not logged into the Hero system?

Not yet, but it is in our development plans.

Other Features

Use Hero's features to reach new patients, fill last-minute openings and strengthen your practice's reputation.

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