Booking links

Take your patients where they need to go, quicker

Create bespoke links to transport patients to the correct booking flow

Hero provides practices with tools to make customisable booking links. These can be shared easily in patient communications to prompt bookings. Their most common use is in the offering of flu jabs.


Saves time

by allowing admins to send links instantly.

Reduces booking error

by directing patients to specific appointment booking flows.

Reduces booking time

by removing the need for phone calls and admin-led-booking.


What is the benefit of using booking links?

Booking links have three central benefits:

1. The patient’s booking experience is streamlined (with an estimated reduction in booking time by 50%);

2. They ensure the correct appointment, practitioner, and location are booked (this is especially helpful for patients who are not adept with technology); and

3. They provide a direct path from marketing materials to payment, increasing bookings.

What is the best way to use booking links?

Practices can encourage bookings by adding booking links to their websites and by implementing them in marketing materials, such as emails. For example, some practices market seasonal appointments, such as flu jabs, with booking links. Other practices have distributed personal discounted booking links in slow periods to encourage bookings.

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