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How do I create a self-serve product?

Creating a self-serve product in Hero is simple. Follow the steps in the guide below to learn how to do it:

Creating a self-serve product

How to create a practice membership in Hero?

Practice memberships are a great way to offer a premium experience to your loyal patients and drive additional practice income. Creating a membership scheme on Hero is easy, follow the link below for a step-by-step guide of how to do it:

Creating a membership scheme

How do I create a diary reminder?

Diary reminders are a great way of blocking out time for administrative work or reminding practitioners of actions they need to complete in the day. To learn how to make a diary reminder, click on the support link below:

Creating a diary reminder

How do patients book appointments?

Patients can either book appointments from your practice website or via Hero's booking marketplace. Click the link below to see our step-by-step guide to patient booking:

Our guide to patient booking

How do I set up a patient's insurance details?

Setting up a patient's insurance details in Hero is simple. For a step-by-step guide of how to do it, follow the link below:

Adding a patient's insurance details

What is Hero's patient portal?

Hero's patient portal allows patients to sign-in and manage appointment bookings, invoices and billpayer relationships. To access a guide for patients to sign-in to Hero, follow the link below:

How to sign-in to the patient portal

How do I download a financial report?

Downloading financial reports in Hero is easy. Click on the link below for a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Downloading a financial report

How do I send Email and SMS notifications?

Email and SMS notifications are sent automatically whenever an invoice or appointment is made. To send an invoice reminder manually, follow the steps of the article linked below:

Sending SMS and Email notifications in Hero

How do I set collection reminders in Hero?

Hero automatically reminds patients that their invoice is unpaid via email and SMS. To turn this on, follow the steps below when raising an invoice.

How to set SMS reminders

How do I invoice a patient from within an appointment?

Invoicing a patient within an appointment is simple. Click the link below to see a step-by-step guide on our support site.

Invoicing in an appointment

How do I contact Hero's support team?

Our support desk is available 9am-6pm Monday to Friday to support you and answer any queries you have. You can get in touch by emailing support@herohealth.net.

We have also created a series of support articles with step-by-step instructions and images for various parts of the app and its functionality. You can find these here: 


When you join Hero we will provide you with a bespoke onboarding process. Within this, we will explain how to use the app and show you use cases for specific features. You can have as many support sessions as you need to get comfortable with Hero - some of our clients find it helpful to have a ‘review’ class after they have been on the system for a few months.

How do I make a booking form in Hero?

Making a booking form in Hero is easy, simply follow the steps in our guide below:

How to create a form in Hero

Adding a form to an appointment

Adding a form to a self-serve product

How does Hero work?

How do we do this? We provide a slick booking and payment process for patients. Our software automates clinical administration, keeping your business as efficient as possible.

Patients can book appointments via your practice website or via Hero’s appointment marketplace. Patients cannot book an appointment without paying upfront, reducing the time-consuming task of chasing late payments. When an appointment is booked, both the administrator and the patient will receive a confirmation email. 

Our bespoke appointment marketplace guides patients to your practice, encouraging them to book an appointment with you. In the marketplace, patients can explore an interactive map of clinics, or use our filtered search engine to find the healthcare service they need.

Why was Hero founded?

We believe that the healthcare sector is lagging behind other booking industries, and we are driven to be the solution to this problem.

What is Hero?

Hero is a practice management tool designed to reduce the day-to-day administrative tasks of running a private practice.

What are the benefits of online booking?

Our practices find many benefits to patients booking online, these include:

  • Patients can see your availability and book whenever they like
  • Patients avoid being put on hold or waiting in a telephone queue
  • Patients can track a history of their past appointments and invoices
  • Patients can reschedule and cancel their appointments without calling the practice
  • Patients will receive appointment reminders automatically
Can I make a suggestion to improve the app?

Yes, please do! If there is a feature you would particularly like to see on Hero, or if something isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, get in touch with us at support@herohealth.net.

We are always keen to improve our service and regularly release new and exciting features, often requested by our practices. For example, we recently released Payment Links that allow patients to pay without signing in, at the request of several of our clinics.

Does Hero work with the NHS?

Yes, absolutely.

Many NHS clinics use Hero for appointment booking.

Several NHS PCNs joined Hero to deliver their winter flu clinics. Hero allows one Practice Group account to list multiple locations, which is an ideal solution for clinic groups and PCNs requiring a booking system that understands their clinic structure.

Is there a free version available?

Yes, Hero does have a free plan. This includes:

  • Hero Diary
  • Invoicing
  • Clinical Integrations
  • Intercom support
  • User restrictions
  • A listing on our marketplace

Hero takes an introductory fee for appointments booked through the marketplace and a 2.3% payment processing fee. 

How are payments processed in Hero?

Payments are processed in Hero using Stripe, our integrated payment processor. Patients make the payment and the money is transferred directly to your practice's bank account 3 days later. Stripe take a small payment processing fee on the way through.

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Our support team work between the hours of 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday and are always here to help. You can contact them via email at support@herohealth.net.

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