Streamline communication with appointment booking links

5th November 2021

Hero offers a private practice management system focused on streamlining online bookings and payments.

We know that efficient communications with patients can be a challenge, and often places a heavy burden on your admin team. That’s why we’ve created booking links.

Booking links streamline the process, allowing for easier communication and appointment management between you and your patients. Create bespoke links for specific appointment types, and send these directly to the relevant patients.

Here are 5 examples of how booking links can make your life easier:

1. Advertise a new service

If you’ve recently started offering a new service, you can use booking links to quickly let your patients know and initiate the influx of bookings. No need to wait for word - advertise directly to your patients!

2. Send promotional discounts directly to patients

Forget having to update your website and wait for phone calls asking for the discounted price. With booking links you can simply create an appointment at the discounted price, put your availability in your Hero diary, generate a link and send it directly to your patients through email or SMS.

3. Manage seasonal bookings

Do you often have demand for particular appointments at different times during the year? Communicate these appointments directly to patients with a booking link. This direct approach eliminates admin time wasted on managing seasonal appointments like flu vaccines or travel clinics.

4. Send fixed appointments

Create clear and straightforward communications, directing patients to the exact appointment they need and eliminating any risk of confusion or error.

5. Offer appointments not visible on your website

Whether you’re experimenting with a new service, later opening hours or a new location, booking links will allow you to gather interest in these directly from your patients, without having to change your website. 

There are so many great uses for booking links - the above suggestions are just a starting point. 

If you already have Hero we’ve created detailed instructions on creating booking links.

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