No more chasing invoices

5th November 2021

Chasing unpaid invoices is frustrating, especially if there isn’t an easy online payment method. At Hero we are focused on simplifying the appointment booking and payment process - we work closely with practices to make things as frictionless as possible.

This has led to us developing payment links.

Payment links are bespoke links created by your admin team and sent to the patient or bill-payer. Anyone with the link can pay the invoice without signing in, making it easy for everyone. Parents can use the link to pay for their child’s appointment, or personal assistants can use links to pay on behalf of their employer.

Don’t worry! We’ve hidden all confidential information from the invoice seen through the link. The link will only show the practice name, the invoice amount and the appointment time and date.

This creates a seamless experience for patients and bill-payers, who can now pay at the click of a link.

If you already have Hero we’ve created detailed instructions on creating payment links.

You can also manage where clinic correspondence is sent through our 'additional emails' feature (link to additional emails blog post).

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