Our integration with EMIS Web

21st August 2020

We are delighted to introduce our Windows-based app for EMIS Web users. EMIS is the #1 electronic health record system for NHS GPs and primary care workers and is used in over 10,000 sites across the UK.

With permission, practices are able to see a patient’s full NHS care record, including all of their active problems, medications and allergies. Practice's can use this detail to manage the care of a patient who is using both private and NHS services. We are sure that this integration significantly improves our ability to deliver effective and safe patient care within the private sector.

The Hero integration facilitates the use of EMIS within private practice. We provide an integrated tool which simplifies:

Invoicing, search to find items from your price list and add them to our invoice builder

Payment, take payment within the consultation room reducing the practice’s ageing debt

Billpayers, set relationships which dictate who pays for the appointment (e.g existing patient, parent, business or insurance company)

On top of this, EMIS users have access to Hero's full suite of features:

  • Online booking
  • Upfront payment
  • An integrated invoice and payment system
  • Patient-led administration
  • Aged invoice collection
  • Simple financial reporting

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