Integrated video appointments

17th July 2020

Traditional private practice video appointments require ~10 minutes of admin time:

  1. Patients calls reception to book appointment (3 mins) during office hours
  2. Admin send out video link to patient (2 mins)
  3. Patient joins non-unique practitioner URL for consultation
  4. Practitioner raises invoice for service retrospectively
  5. Practice use reception / billing service to collect payment, often weeks later (5+ minutes)

Processing video appointments on Hero uses 0 minutes of admin time:

  1. Patient finds appointment online 24/7, books and pays in advance. Emailed receipt automatically.
  2. Unique video link sent to patient 10 minutes in advance of appointment via SMS/Email or accessed via patient portal
  3. Practitioner joins video through Hero platform.
  4. If necessary practitioner can raise follow-up invoice, automatically collected via email/SMS

For a private GP doing 60 appointments a week, Hero equates to an admin time saving of 50 hours a month, or £7,500 a year (based on £25K admin salary fully loaded).

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