Improving patient experience will lead to a more successful practice

30th November 2021

Creating a thoughtful and efficient experience for patients visiting your practice will lead to a more loyal patient list and, in-turn, increase your practice’s performance. In order to offer the best possible patient experience, we have narrowed down on what patients in the UK are looking for:

  • Fast and reliable booking: We know that over 50% of appointments are booked outside of business hours. Patients want to book appointments efficiently and choose a time that meets their busy schedule.
  • Communication is key: Practice’s who communicate clearly are more likely to gain bookings. Luckily for you, our automatic email communications makes this simple. We suggest our users make their prices transparent, direct traffic correctly with clear appointment descriptions and spend time making your bespoke email communication as clear and relevant to the patient experience as you can. 
  • Improve your bedside manner: Spend time listening to your patients and go above and beyond to make sure their needs are met within your appointment.

Searching for an online appointment has never been easier. We know there has been a dramatic rise in patients using online tools to book appointments, and that is why we are focused on making a booking easy. Here at Hero, we are hellbent on making the booking and payment experience for patients as simple as possible. Whether it be our integrated booking flow within your practices website or a booking through our healthcare marketplace, we know that we are offering a leading patient experience in the UK

Our team of developers is committed to building efficient booking tools that aid patients in quickly booking appointments and allow your reception team to easily manage them as well.

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