Hero membership schemes

16th March 2021

Create a higher level of patient support with a practice membership scheme:

1. Create a list of exclusive perks for members to enjoy.
2. Offer cheaper appointments for members.
3. Guarantee same-day delivery with exclusive availability.
4. Be alerted when a member is visiting the practice, and offer tailored support to them.

Increase practice revenue:

1. Advertise memberships on your website, and allow patients to purchase memberships online.
2. Guarantee a recurring revenue, collected automatically via direct debit. Practices on Hero have generated as much as £150,000 per year through membership schemes.
3. Create a grouped membership scheme. Set limits on the number of adults and children allowed on the scheme and allow patients to add additional members at a cost chosen by you.
4. Automate annual collection with recurring payments, communicated to patients via email or SMS.

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