Get listed on the Hero marketplace

14th June 2021

Having your practice listed on Hero Marketplace opens the doors to 70,000 regular users. Our market-leading electronic health record system promotes practices and practitioners to users based on a tailored search-bar, enabling you to widen your patient directory.

Our user-friendly interface means that patients commonly return to book appointments through Hero. Appointments can be viewed and booked instantly, without patients needing to call the practice. Membership accounts can be created within Hero, enabling families and groups to stem from one Hero account. This encourages patients to become associated with your practice, increasing the likelihood of being recommended to others.

Over 150 professionals have already made the switch to Hero. Follow their lead to drive demand for your practice and increase your reach to potential patients.

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Let's work together to get you better connected with your patients. With Hero, successfully demand and automate booking, payments and accounting.