Grow your non-GMS income

8th November 2021

Are you an NHS GP looking to boost your practice revenue? Non-NHS or non-GMS income is an easy-to-grow revenue stream, and Hero is designed to help you maximise this opportunity. 

Hero integrates with EMIS Web, allowing unused availability slots to be made available for non-GMS services. You can define the slots to make available for private services, or you can set any vacant slots to be displayed. The non-GMS services you agree to deliver are advertised via the portal, and you can host a booking page on your own website.

Patients find slots through either your own website or They find an appropriate time, then book and pay online. Funds are directed into your payment accounts, and distributed into your bank account in ~3 working days. Invoicing and receipts are automatically issued. No more chasing bad debt, no more unpaid invoices. The booking appears within EMIS Web in your diary, and you can store notes within your EMIS Web record.

As part of the booking, you can set intake forms to capture relevant information for the service. Need a form to be completed in advance? Capture this through an intake form. Want to capture relevant demographic detail? Create an appropriate form.

Grow your non-GMS income and simplify your administration at the same time. Contact us for a demo today. Our solution works with EMIS Web for GPs, EMIS Web for Clinical Services and EMIS Web for Community.

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Let's work together to get you better connected with your patients. With Hero, successfully demand and automate booking, payments and accounting.