EMIS Web for private GPs

8th September 2021

Are you a private practice looking to use EMIS Web? EMIS Web is the best electronic health record system in the UK, used by over 50% of NHS GPs. If you are looking for a safe, compliant, and intuitive health record system then EMIS is the market-leading solution now available to private clinicians. Developed by Egton Medical Information Systems, EMIS enables easy interfacing with NHS providers, and ensures patient interactions are safely recorded.

With EMIS, Hero becomes the best health record system for private practices looking for a patient health record system to store consultation notes. Hero provides a market-leading booking, payment and invoicing system to complement EMIS Web, enabling EMIS to be used by private doctors, private mental health workers and private physios.

Using Hero, private doctors can raise invoices and take payment for patients stored within EMIS. Using Hero’s online booking feature, you can offer online booking to private patients. Patients can search your EMIS diary availability, find, book and pay for appointments online. Hero offers built-in payment solutions for card and direct debit payments, including physical card terminals.

Hero and EMIS provide the best private practice software for clinicians looking to be compliant and commercially sensible. Private healthcare professionals use EMIS for storing electronic patient records, and use Hero to simplify the day-to-day management of their private practice. If you are already using EMIS Web, Hero Health is a plug-in that can get you started with payments and invoicing in a matter of minutes.


-    Consultation Notes – EMIS and Hero provide a comprehensive electronic health record for storing patient consultation notes. You can upload existing patient records, or start afresh, recording consultations with SNOMED coding for subsequent clinical reporting. Consultation notes typically orientate around individual ‘problems’, but can also be used to capture examinations, to write prescriptions, order investigations or record free text notes. You can build consultation templates or leverage the EMIS template library, which is updated regularly.

-    Electronic Health Record – For all your private patients you can review a full patient care record. This will show you a chronologically ordered list of patient interactions, or you can filter to review notes by problem. Document storage is vital for secretaries and administrators, and the Health Record provides fast access to stored documents.

-    Patient Summary Record – Ever been frustrated by having to review an entire set of patient notes to understand where you are up to with patient care? The EMIS Patient Summary Record summarises all your consultation notes and quick notes to highlight the most salient information to you on one screen. From here, you can jump in to access more information or review the full record.

-    Letter Writing – EMIS maintains a Microsoft Word integration, enabling you to quickly build letters and send them to patients or specialists. Templates can leverage information held on the patient, or you can insert recent consultation notes. Writing doctors’ or consultants’ letters becomes substantially faster with EMIS.

-    Shared Record Access – Are you a private provider wondering can you access the NHS shared patient record to deliver safer and more compliant care? The answer is yes you can. Using EMIS and Hero, via GP connect and with the appropriate CCG and patient permissions, you can access a summary of the GP record.

-    Pathology and Laboratory Integrations – Gone are the days when laboratory requests need to be completed by hand, or time spent reviewing results on paper. Using a wide variety of pathology lab integrations, in EMIS you can build pathology requests, send them digitally to labs (including The Doctors Laboratory, the UK's #1 private pathology lab). Coded results are returned into the record, initially marked as provisional until approved by a clinician. Leveraging coding, lab results can be tracked over time to manage patient care.

-    Document Storage – EMIS has a built-in document management feature enabling you to quickly scan documents into the system and attach them to a private electronic health record.

-    Patient Text Messaging – Want to contact your patients? Third-party tools integrated with EMIS enable you to efficiently handle outbound communication with patients. Clinical messages are saved into the health record for auditing, and patients can be given permission to respond to messages with photos or text.

-    Decision support – Using Hero and EMIS, private doctors can utilise EMIS’s decision support technology. By automatically reviewing the patient’s medical record and consultation notes, EMIS decision support can assist you in making clinically safe decisions regarding your patients care. Using the Hero plug-in, you can use EMIS Web as the health record system for your private practice.

-    Private Electronic Prescribing – EMIS has an inbuilt prescribing feature, with the best formulary used by over 50% of GPs and many pharmacies, which facilitates printed prescriptions. For private prescriptions, Hero will enable you to issue an electronic prescription. Hero extracts data from EMIS, and issues the patient with a unique prescription code to be redeemed at Boots and independent pharmacies. This service works for any private script.

-    Diary Management – Want a simple system for managing your clinic availability, tracking patient arrivals and departures, and taking online bookings? EMIS and Hero facilitate this, with the synced diary structure offering flexibility for private practices. Save administration time by inviting patients to find appointment slots online, book and pay upfront.

-    Invoicing – Private clinicians face an additional challenge to their NHS counterparts – invoicing. Hero enables simple, fast invoicing. You can search your own internal list of billable items, add them to an invoice, discount or edit the final price, and collect payments. Private practice billing has never been so easy.

-    Payments and Collection – Looking for a medical billing and collection service? Use Hero for a fraction of the cost of traditional providers. Once you’ve raised an invoice, you can send your payment to a Hero physical card terminal, collect through the web app, or direct debit. There are also options to text a link to the patient for payment via Apple Pay. Automated payment reminders chase-up late payments for effortlessly.

-    Accounting and Reporting – Are you a private practitioner wanting to focus on delivering care rather than accounting and reporting? Hero integrates with Xero, passing your invoices directly into your accounting system and saving manual data transfers. Your account will love you, we guarantee it.

-    Video Consulting – Remote consulting is here to stay. Using Hero you can set up video consults and we'll automatically invite patients to join the consultation via a link. Alternatively, you can manually send them a link to the appointment at any time.

What is Hero Health?

Hero is the system you always wished you’d had for managing your private healthcare practice. Hero works with private GPs, physios, mental health workers and many other healthcare providers to deliver a stack of invoicing, payment and online booking features to your practice. Are you a consultant looking for a modern medical billing and collection service suitable for the digital age? We’ve got you. Need a full electronic health record system that is compliant, but also want great commercial tools? We can help. Looking to save your secretary’s time? Use our suite of admin tools to save hours each day. In addition to our own software product, we also host a private healthcare providers marketplace – helping patients find and book appointments with you.

How Hero Health works

 Most health record systems have been built by technology professionals not practitioners or patients. The result? Clunky systems not fit for purpose. Hero is built around patients but designed by practitioners. Our aim is to help healthcare professionals deliver excellent healthcare to a wide audience of private patients. We’ll give you tools for booking, payment and billing your patients, and with our partners we can work with you to implement a full health system.

About Hero 

We are a patient record system designed for the modern private practice. The average private practitioner requires 0.5 FTEs of admin support. They use clunky old systems that underwhelm their patients. Using Hero, these practitioners build a private practice fit for the modern age. Safe and compliant health records, online booking for patients and a suite of payment collection options. Save time and money by implementing Hero into your practice.

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