EMIS Web clinical services online booking

7th November 2021

Are you a practice using EMIS Web Clinical Services and looking to add online booking? Our solution delivers online booking for EMIS Web CS so that your patients can book online, with appointments passing directly into your EMIS Web diary.

Having to manually make every booking into your diary can create a substantial admin overhead. Cross-organisational booking provides a simplification for hubs, but this just shifts the burden onto the referring practice.

Hero looks at your diary slots for gaps. You determine if an availability slot is visible to patients, and what appointments the slot can receive. Patients view available times online and book with basic personal details. Bookings can be made via a website plug-in, or you can issue patients with direct booking links, feeding straight into your EMIS diary.

If you are a EMIS CS practice receiving bookings, you may choose to direct patients to your website to book. Alternatively, you may ask referring practices to text patients a booking link – the choice is yours. You set what appointments are available, when and with who. Use our inbuilt patient triage forms to capture basic details such as the referring practice, reason for appointment and symptoms. Patients can cancel online (subject to your cancellation policy) or reschedule.

For practices offering non-GMS services, you can also capture payment during the booking flow – via card or direct debit.

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